Stalls Info 2016

    For Information about how to book a stall at Sharrow Festival 2016 please see below:

    Sharrow Festival Committee

    Sharrow Festival

    Saturday 16th July 2015

    Mount Pleasant Park


    Hi all time
    to book stalls at the Sharrow festival already! We’re off the mark a little earlier this year and I hope that we can get people booked in as early as possible.
    This year the festival is Saturday 16th July and after the mucking about last year we hope that it all runs smoothly.

     The booking form at the end of this letter is slightly altered from last year so please read it carefully before filling it in. The prices (detailed below) haven’t changed though.

    We have changed the way we are booking food stalls this year. Instead of the usual free for all taking stalls on a first come first
    serve basis we are going to select food outlets from known caterers who have attended the festival before and provided good food and service. We think that this will give us more control over the range of food available and give us peace of mind that the stalls we have will complement each other and give our punters a good choice of cuisines. We have already sent out separate invitations to the catering stalls we have selected. If you are a catering outlet please enquire if there is any available space before sending off your application there may be cancelations.

    The Council is no longer providing the market stalls that we have had in the past. People are welcome to bring along their own gazebos or stalls but on the top field these will have to be self supporting as we are not allowed to use any pegs in this area. We will be able to provide sand bags as ballast for gazebos so that they can be secured without pegs. If you do need sandbags please let me know on
    the application form so we can arrange the appropriate number.

    I will acknowledge receipt of your application forms via email or text, but will not allocate places for stalls until we are much closer to the event. If you do not hear from me within a week then please contact me by e-mail or text to check I have received the form. Once you have an acknowledgement of receipt you can assume that you have a stall unless I specifically say we cannot accept your

    Last year we had a couple of rogue traders come onto the site and set up without permission. We were able to chase them off but in one case they traded for some time without permission depriving stalls who have paid an application fee of business. This is the first time this has happened and so caught us by surprise but we will be on the lookout for this now. However it is a big site and the open access makes it difficult to monitor and we can’t be everywhere. If you see anyone set up near you, especially if it is significantly after 12 when the
    festival starts, please contact me or one of the other stewards as soon as possible and we will investigate. In general if you see any suspicious activity or anything that disturbs you please let me know by phone and I will come and deal with it.

    We do not have a licence for on site alcohol sales and do not allow any stalls to sell alcohol on site, any stall found breaching this condition, will be asked to close immediately and leave the festival as soon as possible.

    To help me plan the layout of the festival please let me know if you have any specific requirements for your stall. There is no electricity
    supply on the site so if you need electricity you will have to bring a generator. Please let me know if you will do this. If you need to park a van or car at your pitch please let me know. Although we would prefer all vehicles to be off site, if possible, during the festival we can accommodate vehicles in some places. 

    The pitch fee is for a 3m x 3m pitch the size of a standard gazebo if your stall is going to be bigger than this there will be an additional fee. 

    We may be able to provide tables for hire, but will have to know in advance if you need them. It is unlikely that there will be spare
    tables available on the day. The price we are being charged for tables has gone up to £6 each and I am afraid that we are going to have to pass this on. You are of course welcome to provide your own tables. We do not provide chairs so these you will have to bring if you want them.

    Set up is from 10am and we ask for any vehicles to be off site by 12pm, midday, when the public comes along, the stage on the top
    field is programed until 6pm and the bottom field until 8pm. It is up to you when you close up shop but we will not allow vehicle access to the site once the festival has started.

    There will be stewards about to help you sort out any problems if these occur.

    If you need more information: In the first instance e-mail It is best to get in touch with me via e-mail so I can deal with the queries efficiently.

    For urgent matters please text or phone me on 07919 992059. Please note we are all volunteers and due to our other commitments there will be times that it may not be convenient to talk, but we will try and deal with all enquiries as soon as possible

    Booking deadline is Friday, 8th July 2013

    Return the completed forms to: 71 Louth Rd, Sheffield, S11 7AU

    Please include a cheque for the appropriate fee. If you are going to pay by bank transfer ensure that you tell me what reference identifier you will use otherwise I may not realise that you have paid and will not book you in.

    You can return the form by e-mail but I will not book your place until I have a payment. If you are sending a cheque and have already e-mailed a form please make sure that you identify yourself properly so I can match the form to the cheque. If you want to make an electronic payment our bank details are:

    Account details:

    Bank: Santander Commercial Bank, Bootle, Mersyside.

    Account Name: Sharrow Festival Committee

    Account Number: 23755488

    Sort Code: 09-01-53

    If you make an electronic payment please tell me that you are doing so and if possible give me a reference number so I can check it has gone through.

    Please feel free to forward this letter to any one who may be interested. If you need a hard copy of the application form to return please e-mail me and I will send you one.

    Hope to see you there!

    Sharrow Festival Price Guide

    groups with no funding
    groups with funds and/or paid workers

    confectionery/cold food/drinks

    catering vans/cooked food
    The above costs are for a single 3mx3m pitch if you require more space there will be an additional cost depending on what you need.

    Cheques should be payable to Sharrow Festival Committee

    Extra trestle tables are available at £6 each. If you do not book extra tables we may not be able to provide them on the day. Chairs will not be available on the day, please bring your own if you wish.

    If you are a charity or collecting for a charity please specify which charity and if possible provide the charity number and contact details. In the past people have claimed charitable status without being very specific, we want to help support good causes and it helps us in funding applications if we can provide lists of the causes that we have supported.


    Please let me know if you need an invoice before you can make a payment.  

    Deadline for all bookings is Friday, 8th July.

    On the attached plan of the park the pitch locations are approximate and based on previous festivals the general layout will be similar but may change in detail. If you tell me the location that you would prefer I will try and accommodate your wishes, this will not always be possible so please bear with me and you have to accept that my decision is final.

    Please print out the form and return cheques and forms to:

    Mark Cohen,
    71 Louth Rd,
    Sheffield, S11 7AU

    Further enquiries contact Mark by e-mail at or phone 07919 992059

    Sharrow Festival Committee

    Stall Booking form for Saturday, 16th July 2015 in Mount Pleasant Park  

    Contact name:                           

    Name of group or business:


    Address: (inc. post code)

    Tel:                                           Mobile:


    What do you do: Please go into detail as it helps me plan locations. (don’t just put ‘selling things’ tell me what sort of things).


    Where would you like to be, depending on space available at time of booking? (please circle) please refer to the attached map.

    Top field (community stage, children’s activities, food (NO PEGS)

    Lower field (large music stage, food etc)



    Please tell me what sort of equipment you will be bringing: gazebos (specify if pegged or free standing), tents, tables, generators, vans or any other equipment you will need space for.



    We would like to book [   ] trestle table(s) at £5 each                       [    ]


    We will be bringing a gazebo no bigger than 3m x 3m                 [    ]


    Remember only non-pegged gazebos can be used on the top field.

    If you need more space than a standard gazebo please state clearly what you are bringing and exact sizes as we will need to plan the space and there may be an additional cost


    I/we come under category [     ] and enclose a cheque/postal order for [   ]

    Number of Tables required at £6 each (include in total above)……

    I will/will not require sandbags for my gazebo (top field only)

    If you need more information:
    In the first instance e-mail

    NB: You can download the document by clicking on your right mouse button and selecting the "save target as" option.